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Wade Smart wade at wadesmart.com
Wed Oct 22 12:47:02 UTC 2008

Knapp wrote:
> I have been looking at using oscommerce to start up a web site selling
> fine art. I know there are a bunch of other choices.
> http://www.oscommerce.com/solutions/downloads
> Is this a good choice with Ubuntu or is there a better one? I am just
> starting this so I am not an expert sysop or anything like that. I am
> looking for something easy to use, safe and open of course. It is a
> small operation on a home server for now. The less I have to do the
> better.
> I like postgreSQL but can live with the other.
> Thanks!

20081022 0743 GMT-6

I have never heard of them and I have set up hundreds of sites - but 
that means nothing really. Looking over their site its not very 
informative - neither are their screen shots. But, since this is run in 
a web browser so its platform independent. Most of the google results I 
got on it are from Windows 2003 server and they seem to cater to Windows 
platforms - or windows users seem to use them more than others - which 
again doesnt mean just a whole lot.

Download it and try it out. They use paypal as a gateway so it wont do 
any harm to test it out.


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