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Wed Oct 22 11:26:05 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:
> Linda wrote:
>> Anna EdwARds wrote:
>>>> Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 15:46:59 -0600
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>>>> Subject: Re: server question
>>>> Anna EdwARds wrote:
>>>>> I am planning to replace my low-on-features microsoft office small 
>>> business web-site with a much more feature ridden setup that I have 
>>> come up with. It will have a setup like the following.
>>>>> it will have a computer with 2 e-cards, one connected to comcast, 
>>> one connected to the LAN. It needs to act as a router, forewarding the 
>>> web server requests to annas-web-server and the emails to anything to 
>>> annas-email-server. For the rest of the packets, I need them sent to 
>>> were they are meant for. I want any inter-lan data to be forwarded to 
>>> were it was origionally intended for. I also need a web server and 
>>> email server and a mailing list server. I am not able to specify very 
>>> much. Sorry.
>> <snip>
>> I just finished reading Linux Firewalls and QoS by Lucian Gheorghe ISBN 
>> 1-904811-65-5
>> It does a very through explanation of Networking and then shows you how 
>> to do what you would like to do as well as some other possible setups. 
>> It has the added bonus of helping support the Netfilter project.
>>                     LInda
>     Great. I hope you will learn how to use your keyboard on Hotmail so 
> Linda is like this and not LInda.
> If it teaches you networking it must be a great source!
> Karl

You know Karl, this is EXACTLY the kind of 'nonsense' that does NOT need 
to be on this list.  How DARE you criticize someone because of a typo? 
Have you NEVER mistyped a word before?  I mean we know you aren't 
anywhere near perfect simply based on your completely misguided posts on 
here, so you can't use that as an excuse.

Who do you think you are?  You post horrible advice, you criticize 
pretty much everyone on the list who know what they are doing, and then 
you have the nerve to say something like that?  If ANYONE needs tossed 
off this list, it's you.  I've never in my life, on- or off-line seen 
anyone speak to someone else like you just did.

You talk about being nice and helpful on this list and how I am running 
people off by being stern with you (in particular) and yet I see THIS! 
This is beyond childish and immature.

This is the last straw for me, I don't care what problem you might be 
having, I'll not help.  Consider this my gift to you.  That doesn't mean 
I won't call you down for crap like the above, but I sure as hell won't 
help you.

I'd like to think others on this list feel the same way.  But that's not 
for me to say.  I personally am APPALLED and ASHAMED to be on a list 
with someone like you.

Libenter homines id quod volunt credunt -- Caius Julius Caesar

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