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Gilles Gravier gilles at gravier.org
Wed Oct 22 08:21:59 UTC 2008


Karl Larsen wrote:
>     I happened to turn up my first Laptop I bought in 1984. It was/is a 
> Windows based Kyotronic 85. It runs from 6 volts DC from a wall wart or 
> AA batteries. It was made in Japan by Kyosei Co., LTD and forget where I 
> bought it.
>     The CPU is a 80C85 blazing along from a 2.4 MHz Clock and has a 
> whole 16K bytes of RAM and 32K bytes of ROM.
>     The screen is LCD that is 191 wide by 50 high mm. Big screen :-)
>     I need to look for my old tape player. I have some Basic programs 
> and TEXT files somewhere.
>     I bought this for my business and we were then all using tape to 
> store things back there. It was a year or two before the wonderful 360K 
> byte floppy drives showed up.
> Karl


I still have (in working condition) :

1) My first TRS-80 (with home assembled expansion interface, from scrap
components off of an old ALCATEL board) with total 48 k of RAM and 2
160k floppy drives.

2) My Canon X-07 (NSC-800 CPU - like a hyped up Z-80) and a 40 kb RAM
expansion that I soldered myself inside the machine with about 40 15cm
wires going to the address selector chip and the existing memory chip.
Canon had sent me the full schematics and doc of the machine. Still have
it all.

3) My wife's Atari 1040 ST. I have no idea how to use it, but it boots.

4) My first TI-57 with variable CPU clock hack, hacked audio out,
external keyboard plug, external control plug with home made logic to
enable the TI 57 to close or open a relay switch by program. (TI send me
the wireing diagrams of the calc, at the time, and I unsoldered the chip
and put it on a socket).

All this stuff works... I should open a museum.


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