[Intrepid] Strange behaviour of Gnome after recent updates.

Jim Smith jim at oz.net
Wed Oct 22 02:59:34 UTC 2008

I received the daily updates to Intrepid today, when they were done the
system was restarted and after that Gnome malfunctioned seriously. The
panels, icons and menus were completely gone. Nothing worked and the
only thing I could do was to Ctrl-Alt-Bkspc and go back to the login
screen. KDE 4.1 and Xfce both work so I'm using Xfce right now. There is
also a persistent and annoying "strobing" of the screen on occasion. The
system uses Intel 915 graphics and has had no real graphics trouble up
until today. Would it be possible to switch display managers to KDM in
order to see if the problem resides with GDM? Hopefully if there is a
problem with GDM it will be fixed before the final release. I would like
to know if anyone else reports this issue.

Thank you


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