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Wed Oct 22 00:08:22 UTC 2008

Anna EdwARds wrote:
> > Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 15:46:59 -0600
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> > Subject: Re: server question
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> > Anna EdwARds wrote:
> > > I am planning to replace my low-on-features microsoft office small 
> business web-site with a much more feature ridden setup that I have 
> come up with. It will have a setup like the following.
> > > it will have a computer with 2 e-cards, one connected to comcast, 
> one connected to the LAN. It needs to act as a router, forewarding the 
> web server requests to annas-web-server and the emails to anything to 
> annas-email-server. For the rest of the packets, I need them sent to 
> were they are meant for. I want any inter-lan data to be forwarded to 
> were it was origionally intended for. I also need a web server and 
> email server and a mailing list server. I am not able to specify very 
> much. Sorry.

I just finished reading Linux Firewalls and QoS by Lucian Gheorghe ISBN 
It does a very through explanation of Networking and then shows you how 
to do what you would like to do as well as some other possible setups. 
It has the added bonus of helping support the Netfilter project.

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