Xorg.conf vs. Xorg.config With BFG Nvidia G71 [GeForce 7300GS] & Hardy 64 Bit

Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 21 23:03:55 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

 > Well, I did go back to my last set of working xorg.conf and
 > xorg.config files and everything is working ok including
 >  compiz and thanks to your suggestion, I installed that copiz
 >  configuration thingy and have added some effects.  Only bad
 >  thing is I get a kwin crash notice after initial login
 >  which doesn't seem to have much effect. I also lost the
 >  close, minimize, expand buttons on the top right of screen. 
Sometines I can hover over the area with mouse pointer and see
 > them again, other times not. Haven't had time to revisit the
 > compiz configuration utility again to see if I can determine
 > what is causing it, but will eventually.
 > Can't  tell you the difference between glx and glx envy
 >  except that nvidia-glx-new-envy is the latest nvidia driver
 >  and the only one that seems to allow compiz and desktop
 >  effects to work for me. Somehow, doing what you did or as I
 > did it removed the 173.14.12 kernel source whick comes with
 > the package nvidia-new-kernel-source-envy and is not loades
 > automatically and conflicts with other nvidia kernel source
 > packages. It's rather difficult/complicated which set of
 > nvidia packages one needs to install for his specific graphics
 >  card but I think I'm there now through a lot of trial and
 >  error. These are some of the reasons I asked the 4 specific
 > questions on the original post but I guess no one knows the answers.

	Yeah, I apologize that I don't have the actual answers for you, I'm 
just a user. :)
	When I looked in Synaptic, IIRC, the version numbers were the same for 
glx and glx-envy.?.
	Another difference is I'm using Gnome, and you've got KDE. Shouldn't 
make a difference, though. I think... Oh, and you're using 64bit vs 32 
for me...
	The last thing I can think of, if you have the time & inclination, is 
to remove all nvidia proprietary packages, remove any xorg.conf & 
xorg.config files, and start from fresh. Have a spare HDD around to test on?

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