server question

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Tue Oct 21 22:55:30 UTC 2008

Mark Haney wrote:
> Karl, really.  If we did that to every person who was 'nonsense' I 
> wonder how many would vote you off the island?
> The point is, some of us really want to help her.  (Assuming she's not a 
> troll.)
> I fail to see that your judgment of 'no reason to even try Ubuntu' is 
> sound at all.  Her problem really isn't about ubuntu, it's about setting 
> up a network for a specific purpose.  I've done this hundreds of times. 
>   And in a lot of cases, the problem is the 'IT Dept' is usually the one 
> who can use Word the best.
> Sure, her posts are aggravating, but they are no less aggravating than 
> yours most of the time.

20081021 1748 GMT-6

Well, you're right in that we have to try - even if that means going a 
little bit out of the way to try and understand the problem. But Im 
kinda at the point Im not sure this Anna knows what she is asking or 
wanting. But, we have to try - right? :)


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