Still trying to get to 1680x1050 WAS: Upgrade to 8.04 stuck in 800x600

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Oct 21 02:12:12 UTC 2008

Frank McCormick wrote:

>   Tried 'em all! I finally got to 1680x1050...with a HUGE scrollable
> screen which is a real PITA. I am suspecting a bug in the i810 driver.

That makes no sense.  If it's a 1680x1050 virtual size, you don't actually
have 1680x1050, and if it's the physical size, just decrease the size of
the virtual.

If your X server really can't set the physical size, it's not a _bug_ in the
i810 driver so much as Windows actually supplies information that isn't
available to X by default, but there are ways.  I have to use 915resolution
to set a valid modeline for my laptop at 1280x800.  If your Xorg.0.log
doesn't show something like:

Mode: NN (1680x1050)

(where NN is any 2 digit hex number), you don't have that available without

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