can partitioning be restructured or must I start over

Rashkae ubuntu at
Mon Oct 20 18:33:29 UTC 2008

Allen Meyers wrote:
> Snapshot resides at
> My question is can that unallocated space in the 2 places be combined to create a new partition. As a side note what about that extended 17.85 GiB that info says is busy (at least one logical partition mounted)
> I know shows what lack of comprehension can do!!

You're lucky, all your Unallocated spaces are adjacent.

You need to resize the extended partition (sda3).  Once the extended
partition takes up the entire space, then you can resize your last
logical partition within to grow it.

You will likely need to do this from a boot cd, such as the Ubuntu
install disk, or knoppix.

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