Still trying to get to 1680x1050 WAS: Upgrade to 8.04 stuck in 800x600

Frank McCormick fmccormick at
Mon Oct 20 13:06:43 UTC 2008

Frank McCormick wrote:
> Frank McCormick wrote:
>> NoOp wrote:
>>> On 10/18/2008 06:30 PM, Frank McCormick wrote:
>>>> NoOp wrote:
>>>>> On 10/18/2008 12:29 PM, Frank McCormick wrote:
>>>>>> Just finished the upgrade to 8.04 -- and am now stuck in 800x600. I have
>>>>>> tried dpkg-reconfigure...hand editing the xorg.conf file and prayer. So
>>>>>> far nothing works. My card is Intel built-in video (865) my monitor is
>>>>>> an LG206wtq-bf LCD widescreen. Everytime xorg doesn't like the config it
>>>>>> brings up a monitor/card selection program...but the resoluation is so
>>>>>> bad you can hardly read any of the selections...none of which work anyway.
>>>>>> Anybody have any good ideas?
>>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> Can you please try rebooting, and select the second kernel (recovery
>>>>> mode). Then select the xfix option on the next screen, let xfix do it's
>>>>> thing, then select the first option on the list to resume the normal
>>>>> boot. 
>>>>   Did good...800x600 again....generated a minimal config
>>>> file...which I know is no good.
>>>> If that doesn't work, then once into the desktop open a terminal and:
>>>>> gksu displayconfig-gtk
>>>>> >From there you will be able to select your specific monitor and graphics
>>>>> card. You'll need to logout and then log back in for the changes to take
>>>>> effect.
>>>>   Done that already -- my monitor is not in the list (LG L206BTQ) so I
>>>> picked one close...and finally got to 1280x960...but the next available
>>>> option (1792x1211..yeh I know weird) gives me a screen a have to scroll
>>>> around...for example the bottom panel doesn't appear until I mouse down
>>>> there and push. It seems it gives me a mugh bigger screen which doesn't
>>>> fit my monitor.
>>>> I am really disappointed in 8.04...Gutsy was running fine...maybe I
>>>> should have left well enough know if it ain't broke....
>>> If you've done that, then perhaps you can modify your /etc/X11/xorg.conf
>>> file to include the appropriate H/V frequencies:
>>> 	Analog: 30 ~ 83 kHz
>>> 	Digital: 30 ~ 83 kHz
>>> 	Analog: 56 ~ 75 Hz
>>> 	Digital: 56 ~ 75 Hz
>>> Or perhaps selecting a different model with the same ranges (L1732TX
>>> Analog for instance), and then make sure that you have 1680 x 1050 mode
>>> settings.
>>   I'll try this tomorrow -- right now I'm too bleary eyed and tired of
>> rebooting :)
>    Back at it today....I have managed to get the LCD's native resolution
> 1680x1050 available...but the task bar slips below the bottom and I have
> to mouse down to force it back up. Simply put the screen at 1680x1050 is
> too big for the monitor. How do I get around this ???

   Replying to my own mail here :)

   I tried adding the scanning freqs to the config file but the best
success I have had is by running the server with the -configure setting.
It used DDC to find the monitor type...the highest resolution it will
give me is 1600x1200..still can't get the monitors native resolution
1680x1050. In addition running at 1600x1200 gives me a screen thats too
big to fit the monitor and so I have to scroll the screen to see
everything. In addition the screen is a little distorted with circles
squashed into egg shapes.

Xfix from the recovery boot is useless -- it gives me 640x480 and 800x600!!



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