USB Issue with New Kernel?

Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at
Mon Oct 20 10:17:46 UTC 2008

Steve Grace wrote:
> I'm running Ubuntu Hardy. Yesterday I upgraded the kernel to the new
> 2.6.24-21-generic. I now have an issue with an external USB hard drive
> (Western Digital) that I use for backing up.
> I normally leave the drive off until I'm ready to back up and then turn
> it off again when the backup is done (after the drive is unmounted).
> This has worked fine in the past, but now the drive usually doesn't
> mount when doing that. My printer and scanner (both USB) appear to work
> fine.
> It appears that the drive will mount if it's powered on when Ubuntu
> boots. It may also mount if there's been some USB activity during the
> current session. However, once the drive is unmounted it appears that it
> won't mount again until the computer is restarted.
> Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?
> Steve
I have the new kernel and don't have any trouble with USB mounted 
storage of any kind.  Are you plugging this into a USB hub, if so it 
could indicate a problem with that hub that Windows may ignore but Linux 
is sensitive to, or it could be a problem with the hard drive controller 
on that USB drive.  If you can see if other USB storage devices work 
like flash memory.  I had some problems but they were totally unrelated 
to the kernel.

I had a problem with a 2GB flash Sansa Clip mp3 player but that was due 
to a problem with Amarok which was causing a conflict, I've since fixed 
that problem.  I also had trouble mounting a USB hard drive, but it was 
a NTFS issue.  The "in-use" flag in the filesystem was still on because 
I only turned it off rather than safely removing it and I had to reboot 
into Windows to clear it and now it mounts without any issues.  See if 
your USB hard drive is formatted NTFS, if so you may need to boot to 
Windows and then "safely remove" it via the icon that appears on the 
Systray to make sure that flag is turned off.

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