USB Issue with New Kernel?

Steve Grace sgrace at
Mon Oct 20 00:13:08 UTC 2008

I'm running Ubuntu Hardy. Yesterday I upgraded the kernel to the new
2.6.24-21-generic. I now have an issue with an external USB hard drive
(Western Digital) that I use for backing up.

I normally leave the drive off until I'm ready to back up and then turn
it off again when the backup is done (after the drive is unmounted).
This has worked fine in the past, but now the drive usually doesn't
mount when doing that. My printer and scanner (both USB) appear to work

It appears that the drive will mount if it's powered on when Ubuntu
boots. It may also mount if there's been some USB activity during the
current session. However, once the drive is unmounted it appears that it
won't mount again until the computer is restarted.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem?


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