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Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 11:59:10 UTC 2008

> Have you seen me on here blast someone for
> presenting a question incorrectly or not up to some standard?  I can guarantee
> not since I generally just delete those.  I may get down on someone when they

I have never intended my comments to be directed at you personally.
There has been only one person on this list that I have found really
bothersome and he like to swear in public with people he does not even
know and call names.

>         Steve C. Lamb         | But who can decide what they dream

Is sudoer a language? From it's own help file.

"The sudoers grammar will be described below in Extended Backus-Naur
Form (EBNF). Don't despair if you don't know what EBNF is; it is
fairly simple, and the definitions below are annotated.

Quick guide to EBNF

EBNF is a concise and exact way of describing the grammar of a
language. Each EBNF definition is made up of production rules. E.g.,
> I got about 8m into explaining what I found after a minute or two then it
> dawned on me.  Ya can't do that.  You're asking sudo to restrict access based
> on the machine whence the user came.  As far as I know this is of no relevance
> to sudo.  It cares what you can do on the machine you're presently on
> regardless of how you got there.  There's no mention of "incoming" or
> "connection" in sudoer's man page at all.

What is an, "m"?

 Host ::= '!'* hostname |
          '!'* ip_addr |
          '!'* network(/netmask)? |
          '!'* '+'netgroup |
          '!'* Host_Alias

You can filter on host, does SSH not show up as a different host? Also
you can filter based on terminal. Also this:

    If set, sudo will only run when the user is logged in to a real
tty. This will disallow things like "rsh somehost sudo ls" since
rsh(1) does not allocate a tty. Because it is not possible to turn off
echo when there is no tty present, some sites may wish to set this
flag to prevent a user from entering a visible password. This flag is
off by default."

All this might do it, but I am not sure how.

Douglas E Knapp


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