Theres no network sometimes

Toth Rita tothrita8484 at
Sun Oct 19 09:40:52 UTC 2008

            We have 2 pc's at home [a desktop & a laptop], and were sharing the network with a TLWR-543G router, it gains info from the ISP by DHCP.
The problem is that, sometimes [when we start the pc's at morning] theres no net on the desktop pc [www]. But it gains info from the router [ip, dns, dhcp], but it just don't even reply to ping [from the laptop]. OS: Ubuntu 8.04, and no firewalls are on the pc's, or router misconfiguration.
The problem is ~solved, if we turn on/off the router.

Thank you! :(
ps.: i can reach/ping the router from the desktop pc, if theres no network to www
ps2.: we shut down the router/pc's to the night

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