Xorg.conf vs. Xorg.config With BFG Nvidia G71 [GeForce 7300GS] & Hardy 64 Bit

Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 19 01:08:26 UTC 2008

Dave Woyciesjes wrote:
> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>> Have both xorg config files in /etc/X11/ with the xorg.config(set up 
>> with nvidia-xconfig or -settings) and contains the "nvidia-glx-new-envy" 
>> driver that I want to use(newest available) but I can't determine by 
>> googling if it will even work with my graphic card....
>> Any guidance is most appreciated,
>> Leonard Chatagnier
>> lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
> 	Check my postings from 9/25 to the mail list. I threw a BFG nVidia 7600 
> in one of my boxes, 32bit. I let Ubuntu install the restricted driver it 
> wanted. I had already installed the nVidia control panel for the 
> previous nVidia video card (I also added "gksudo" to the command line 
> for the nVidia Control Panel applet(?). This allowed the nVidia control 
> panel to save it's settings to xorg.conf; either append or overwrite.).
> 	Next I found I needed compiz config settings manager. And that was it. 
> Flipping the cube, drawing fire on the screen, etc.... :)

	Forgot to sum up. I just use the nVidia GUI control panel. No need to 
edit the xorg files by hand. Not sure even how many I have. :)

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