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Steve Lamb grey at dmiyu.org
Sun Oct 19 01:02:32 UTC 2008

Knapp wrote:
> Sorry to have to disagree with you but being a rude ass is being a
> rude ass. No amount of knowledge makes it OK. It is against the list
> policies also.

> We are not anyone's dogs that need kicking.

    We've had this discussion before.  Prompted by Res, no less, in the ironic
twist that he was defending the common user from the arrogance of others by
being rude, abusive, insulting, crude and extremely objectionable.

    But...  let's be clear, I don't think anyone here would defend what Res is
doing.  I wouldn't and I used to be a right prick when I was younger.  He is a
dog kicker and the faster he falls off the edge of the earth, the better.

    However at the same time there is room for what neophytes would consider
arrogance.  "Why doesn't he just answer my question?"  Simple, application of
a little brainpower on your part would yield you the answer faster than his
asking it.  So he's going to try to get you to put the brain in gear.  IE,
teaching you to fish instead of giving you a fish.  To people who are
expecting help desk level support via spoon-fed pat answers this will seem
arrogant.  However, the same neophytes who get past that stage invariably end
up doing the same thing to the next batch of neophytes and on.

    It is elevating humans through challenging them to actually use their
potential instead of squandering it.  Like it or not that is a part of geek
culture.  Quite frankly I find it far preferable than the current norm which
is to shun anyone who actually engages their brain and tries to noodle out
problems.  That path is hardly constructive.  So given the choice of coddling
and welcoming or a tad off-putting but enabling I chose the latter and prefer
everyone who deals with me when I had questions do the same.

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