Removing asterisks from a file

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat Oct 18 18:01:47 UTC 2008

2008/10/16 Karl Larsen <k5di at>:
>    Well as we use the Gnome GUI things provided we get more used to
> click this and that to do things. I really like and use gedit and still
> use joe in a terminal. But I learned to like Ctrl-k early in the life of
> computers.
> Karl

You could also print out the file and have a secretary retype it
without the asterisks. Like the perl manpage says, there is more than
one way to do it (exactly how many ways is left as an excercise to the
reader). But the OP specifically asked for a command line method,
which is logical given the nature of the task no matter how GUI
spoiled any given user might be.

Now who's going to post the code for removing asterisks in brainfuck?

Dotan Cohen


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