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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 10:37:27 UTC 2008

2008/10/18 H.S. <hs.samix at gmail.com>:
> I agree. As Ubuntu becomes popular , trolls such as the poster you
> replied to gravitate towards it. Well, he is either a troll and just
> wants to get on peoples nerves, or he is sort of a self styled "guru"
> who thinks he knows all there is to know and looks down upon others as
> scum. You can find many such supposedly 'guru' people on newsgroups
> related to Linux or Unix or C/C++ groups. They are characterized by
> extreme arrogance and vanity, total ignorance of social etiquette and
> the belief that they are always right and others just don't have the
> basic intelligence to see their point of view. They somehow think that
> if someone makes a mistake which they catch, they have the moral duty to
> belittle the unfortunate mortal human to oblivion. Some of such
> unbalanced souls also actually know quite a bit of stuff (in fact, their
> trust that they are intelligent is a major cause of this), they are just
> not developed enough as humans to share their knowledge without thinking
> they are some kind of infallible gods.
> They are either kids and will grow up and hopefully become wiser, or
> they are not kids and they will never grow up.
> Short advice, just ignore such trouble makers. It is the best way to
> deal with them here. They will go away if their malfunctioning
> bully-egos are not fed.
> For the newcomers reading the offending posts in this thread: ignore
> these. Let the dogs bark up the trees. Do not let it get to your mind.
> It takes all kinds to make a world. And in this online world, you are
> bound to see such nasty samples who crave attention. But keep in mind
> that the vast majority here are helpful decent human beings that you
> would love to share ideas with.

Two things to add:

1) Before Fedora came around, arrogance was the norm. Fedora was the
first Linux mailing list that was truly newbie friendly. Ubuntu has
taken it to extremes, and here everyone is invited it seems. But don't
forget that a few years ago one of the barriers to entry for Linux was
the arrogance on the mailing lists, which were even more necessary for
new users than they are today.

2) Most of the remaining arrogance dates from that former era. Thus,
the arrogant really, really know their stuff. Just get used to living
with it. For a lot of people the ability to communicate well with
machines comes at the price of being able to communicate well with
other humans. Let them vent their frustrations at you. They are doing
you a favor by sharing their knowledge, do them a favor and share your

Dotan Cohen



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