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Bo Grimes boslists at
Sat Oct 18 02:50:16 UTC 2008

On Fri, 17 Oct 2008, John Heinen wrote:

> Bo Grimes wrote:
>> On Fri, 17 Oct 2008, Nils Kassube wrote:
>>> John Heinen wrote:
>> <snip>
>>>> The operating program is linux mint #4 ???
>> <snip>
>>> Now you are using yet another Linux version and asking the same question
>>> again on a list which isn't related to your distribution.
>> FYI, Linux Mint is a Ubuntu derivative with an excellent IRC channel but
>> no mailing lists.  I use Linux Mint and subscribe to this list for that
>> reason.
> Apreciate your patience Bo, will follow up on your sugestion, please,
> also see my responce to Nils

Huh?  I was just informing another as to why Mint users like us might post 

As to your problem, I used dial-up forever until a few weeks ago, and I 
had problems with earlier versions of Ubuntu.  Please don't think I'm 
insulting, but I know I frequently had newbie-ish problems that didn't end 
up requiring a lot of technical expertise to fix, so I am going to ask 
some questions I hope you don't find insulting.

One, is it a USB modem or does it us a serial port?  I no longer have 
dial-up tools, but if you're using KPPP I have had problems in the past 
with it not allowing a regular user to set it up.  I don't think that's 
your issue though.

Second question, then.  Have you tried to change /dev/modem to something 
like /dev/ttys0 in the modem set-up dialogue?  IIRC once you have KPPP up, 
click on configure or somthing like it.  Then click on the modem tab.  If 
you're using a serial modem it is often ttys0.  I forget what usb might 

Sorry, that's all I have without a modem and KPPP on my computer to try 
and see what else my limited knowledge might come up with.

Oh, one other thing, with Fedora 9 this past summer, I had to update pppd 
before either kppp or gnome-dial (?) would work.  You might want to make 
use you have the latest version.  My guess is apt-get install kppp would 
let you know.

Good luck.

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