64-bit IDL and 64-bit IDL

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Thank you so much, James!  

I cannot believe what an easy fix that was.  I'm a graduate student at Virginia Tech in the new SuperDARN lab, and sometimes these linux boxes are really tricky.

Have a good day!


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WC> Hello.
WC> I am using IDL (Interactive Data Language) 7.0 on 64-bit Ubuntu
WC> 8.04.  Right now, I can only get IDL to install and run in 32-bit
WC> mode, but I need to have it run in 64-bit mode.
WC> Does anyone have any experience with this?

The problem is that the script that runs IDL assumes the existence of
/bin/arch which is not present in Debian-based systems. 

replace "/bin/arch" with "uname -m" in the driver script.

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