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Mark Haney mhaney at
Fri Oct 17 15:40:41 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:

>     And in my opinion it was exactly the proper advice. It fixed the 
> problem and he was able to boot his Ubuntu after the change. He/We do 
> not need to know WHY he had the problem.
> Karl

You DO need to know why.  All this does is mask the underlying issue, 
that his module build was WRONG.  Telling him to do this isn't fixing 
that problem, now is it?  All you're doing is avoiding the problem, not 
fixing it.

You might not need to know it.  You probably wouldn't understand it 
anyway.  But there are better ways of fixing a problem than reinstalling 
every single time it doesn't work like you think it should.

I mean, if this is the advice given on this list, I probably should find 
another forum where actually finding and fixing the problem is what 
happens not avoiding it by constantly reinstalling whatever is broken.

I mean, it's obvious Karl, that you have every thing covered here with 
your incredible depth of knowledge and experience.

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