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Mark Haney mhaney at
Fri Oct 17 13:40:06 UTC 2008

Karl Larsen wrote:

>     He has already re-installed the kernel and all his problems are solved.
> Karl

That is certainly NOT the point here.  You've (again) given me no 
reasons for your thought that the kernel was corrupted.  I don't CARE, 
personally, if the problem was fixed with that napalm method of fixing 
it worked.

To me, that's the lazy way out of issue.  I can almost guarantee that 
removing the module from the list of autoloaded ones would have fixed 
his problem and he would NOT have needed a reinstall.

In all my years of linux experience, I've, personally, never seen a 
'corrupt' kernel that wasn't from either a bad hard drive or rootkit. 
And even in the case of the rootkit it was usually a module being loaded 
that wasn't any good.  Which meant of course, NOT loading that module 
would have meant a GOOD kernel.

Your 'advice' (and I use the term VERY LOOSELY) to re-install the kernel 
was unnecessary and backed up with no explanation for WHY it should be 
necessary.  Unless you can provide me with a reason for why you thought 
it was a corrupt KERNEL and not just a bad module, keep your mouth shut. 
  You don't have any clue what you are talking about 95% of the time. 
And even then you offer nothing to the discussion that, in any way, 
helps the person with the problem understand the problem so they can 
possibly fix it themselves.

We are not only suppose to help people fix problems, but also TEACH them 
how to avoid those in the future.  I personally don't want to spend 
every day telling people 'reboot, that'll fix it', or 'reinstall Ubuntu' 
or 'reinstall the kernel'.  That GETS US NOWHERE.  That does NOT teach 
anyone anything about linux, or how it works.  Everyone needs to know at 
least a little about it.

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