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Nils Kassube kassube at
Fri Oct 17 12:03:02 UTC 2008

John Heinen wrote:
> Cannot make a connection when I query modem, the responce is "modem
> busy"  Even when I disconnect the modem,  the same responce, "modem
> busy"  The operating program is linux mint #4 ???

I remember you posted a similar question several times on the Kubuntu list
while you were using Suse and Fedora. I think you even tried Kubuntu as
well and I gave you some detailed instruction how to use wvdial with your
modem [1]. However, you never told us if you succeded and you didn't tell
us about further problems either. Now you are using yet another Linux
version and asking the same question again on a list which isn't related
to your distribution. That seems a bit strange to me.

Anyway, can you please tell us _how_ you query the modem or _how_ you
disconnect the modem and where you see the "modem busy" message.


[1] <>

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