Question for kernel expert

Mike Adolf mlnx at
Fri Oct 17 01:51:06 UTC 2008

I have been attempting to install a tv tuner, pctv 800i, chipset 
cx23883-39.  I bought this after reading in the mythtv wiki that it 
worked under linux and that all one had to do was extract firmware file 
from a windows file and build and install the latest v4l driver tree.

WELL! I tried that and it corrupted the kernel (2.6.24-21) so it would 
no longer boot.  Through help from members of this list I was able to 
reinstall (2.6.24-21). Determined to get this tuner installed I returned 
to the Mythtv wiki and noticed the fine print that said if you try this 
with Hardy it will destroy a couple of alsa related modules (cx88-alsa 
being one of them).  Why, because alsa was not compiled into the 
kernel.  Several kernels have been released since Hardy was released.

How can I tell if alsa is compile (2.6.24-21)?  I did not see it using 
lsmod. The only alsa module showing up is cx88-alsa. The alsa base 
support files are installed.  I read that a bug has been fixed and 
alsa-driver 1.0.16 can now be used. It can be downloaded from

I have used linux for many years and this is the first time I hit a 
brick wall.  Can I, one with moderate system knowledge, install this 
alsa-driver in the kernel?  Can someone out there help!

OH BTW the mythtv fix is to install vanilla 2.6.25 kernal from source.  
But I'm not about to try this.  Who knows how many patches Ubuntu put in 
the kernels they distribute.


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