/var got really big

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Oct 17 00:39:21 UTC 2008


> By the way, the problem you're having, that of running out of space on
> /var, illustrates why using LVM (Logical Volume Manager) is a good idea.
> LVM makes shrinking or expanding filesystems much easier. If your /var
> and say, /home, are on logical volumes, assuming you have room to spare
> on /home, you could shrink /home and expand /var, if you needed to. 

Afaict, it just isn't that simple.  Because LVM volumes can be expanded or
contracted easily, but the filesystem can't... (I think most of them can be
expanded, but contraction is more awkward).

> You 
> still have plenty of free space on /var so you don't have to worry for
> now. If they're not on logical volumes, it's a bit more work but it's
> still possible. I suppose you could even symlink /var/cache/apt to a
> directory on another filesystem that has free space.

Or "mount --bind"

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