KCron and Streamripper

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Oct 16 18:32:55 UTC 2008

Mark Haney wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Mark Haney wrote:
>>> At the beginning of the script I would add #!/bin/bash (or insert your
>>> choice of shell here).
>> Good catch - I believe the default is dash.
>>> It also might not be a bad idea to make the cron line look like this:
>>> 0 0 * * 4     /home/bb/KSFR/ksfr_script >> /home/bb/KSFR/ksfr.log > 2>&1
>>> (Watch for line breaks, that should all be one line)
>>> to dump the potential error to a log file, since it looks like the
>>> system is having a problem but not logging it to syslog.
>> Any output from cron is supposed to be emailed (to the owner of the
>> crontab or to a location specified in the crontab), but if you don't have
>> a local mail server, of course it doesn't get sent anywhere...
> It's supposed to, true, but it might just be hanging in the mail spool
> of that user account (user at localhost).
If he doesn't have an MTA/MDA, it will - which is why your suggestion was a
good idea :-)

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