KCron and Streamripper

bbbb ubuntu.list at thingbuilder.com
Thu Oct 16 14:22:55 UTC 2008

Mark Haney wrote:
> bbbb wrote:
>> I am trying to use KCron to run a script that records a 2 hour radio 
>> show weekly.
>> When I run the script without KCron it works perfectly.
>> When I choose "Run Now" in KCron it works perfectly.
>> When it runs as scheduled, it runs only for one minute and then stops.
>> Where do I start looking to solve this problem?
>> My searches have been fruitless.
>> thanks for a great list,
>> Bradley
> Cron usually logs things to /var/log/cron or /var/log/messages.  That's 
> a good place to start.  If you can post any related output from there, 
> we might be able to figure out what the issue is.
> Also, a copy of the script you're running, or at least the cron job 
> you're running would be helpful too.
Did not see /var/log/cron.
/var/log/messages only showed a restart.

my script:

streamripper http://pubint.ic.llnwd.net/stream/pubint_ksfr -l 7205 -t

My crontab:

0 0 * * 4       /home/bb/KSFR/ksfr_script

I tried setting the crontab to use a range but it gave me a file every 
minute instead of one long file.



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