Burning Video DVD

Mark Haney mhaney at ercbroadband.org
Thu Oct 16 12:00:29 UTC 2008

Peter Goggin wrote:
> I burn a lot of video DVDs using PowerProducer on an XP windows machine.
> Are there any Linux programs which would enable me to cut the DVDs, with
> a menu allowing the user to select which video clip to run, but with the
> ability to automatically run the video clips one after the other?

I do this a lot.  I personally like DVDStyler, it's a solid app, 
although probably not as full featured as some prefer, but it does what 
I need it for.  Building DVDs with Menus, submenus and a 'Play All' 

I would check it out.  It may not be what you want, but I've tried 
others (like DeVeDe) and didn't like them as much as DVDStyler.

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