Networking question

Paolo paolo2 at
Thu Oct 16 08:21:55 UTC 2008

Rashkae wrote:
> His DHCP config is specifying static routes to individual hosts.  These
> are hosts that are on a different subnet not connected to his default
> gateway.

I'm afraid I have stirred up something I do not understand sufficiently in order 
to carry it forward. We definitely have subnets, yes. I have been told the 
script is "to process DHCP options according to an RFC. Windows, from Windows 
2000 onwards handles it, and so does Fedora, but Ubuntu doesn't".

In any case, if I remove this script then although I can connect to the other 
computer in the room (same subnet). I have no internet access, and cannot 
connect through sftp or http to other servers on the network.

I'll just carry on using the script, I guess.

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