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Mark Haney mhaney at
Tue Oct 14 21:13:59 UTC 2008

Anna EdwARds wrote:
> I am planning to replace my low-on-features microsoft office small business web-site with a much more feature ridden setup that I have come up with. It will have a setup like the following.
> it will have a computer with 2 e-cards, one connected to comcast, one connected to the LAN. It needs to act as a router, forewarding the web server requests to annas-web-server and the emails to anything to annas-email-server. For the rest of the packets, I need them sent to were they are meant for. I want any inter-lan data to be forwarded to were it was origionally intended for. I also need a web server and email server and a mailing list server. I am not able to specify very much. Sorry.
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That's a big wish list.  Are you planning on having one server do all 
this?  I am not sure I see the need for that server to also do the 
routing as well, any decent Linksys/Belkin, etc router will work just 
fine for this setup.  Unless of course the traffic requirements are 
higher than normal.  Most routers handle LAN traffic quite easily.

Can you clarify, in some detail, what you really want?

How many servers?  What will each server do? Your post mentions these 
things, but not in a good enough context to help us figure out what you 

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