dpkg-reconfigure not doing what I remember

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Tue Oct 14 15:36:08 UTC 2008

Chris G wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 10:42:55AM -0400, Rashkae wrote:
>> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>> dpkg-reconfigure doesn't re-ask all questions, by default.  I can never
>>> remember wether you need "dpkg-reconfigure -plow"
>>> or "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh" to get all questions, but try the man page :-)
>> dpgk does not ask for monitor or resolution information at all anymore
>> since Hardy.  Using displayconfig-gtk is your best option, afaik.  This
>> may require some further tweaking of xorg.conf file by hand.
> ... but displayconfig-gtk isn't available for 8.10 and I suspect it
> may not be in 8.04.

It is in 8.04.

I hope the powers that be at Canonical stick their heads above ground
long enough to realize that leaving no xorg config utility in 8.10 will
be a very very bad thing.  It's bad enough with 8.04...

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