Novice (aka beginner) Ubuntu user

David Fox dfox94085 at
Tue Oct 14 01:21:45 UTC 2008

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 4:21 PM, Gerald Comeau <comeau.gerald at> wrote:
> Colleagues,  I'm trying to break away from Windows, well at least for 80% of
> my work, but Ubuntu has me puzzled.  I'm trying to run from a 7.04 CD and
> consistently receive the following message.  Thinking it might be the

>From what I gather, you haven't managed to install ubuntu yet. Getting
a "busybox shell" (that basically refers to the error message you get)
means basically that something seriously has gone wrong - maybe the CD
media is defective (have you tried the test cd for physical defects

Are there any other messages that you can transcribe before the system
transports you into a Busybox shell? If so, perhaps those messages can
help others try to diagnose why you are getting a busybox shell rather
than a useful desktop. Also, we need some characteristic hardware
information about your machine, such as amount of RAM, hd size,
various peripherals and so forth.

> release I downloaded and burnt 8.014, same message.  Finally, I installed on
> a separate hard drive and selected it as my boot device, Ubuntu cycled up

I see from reading further when you actually did an install. Now this
makes things a bit uinclear. When are you getting into busybox? Just
from booting the CD (assuming 7.04 and 8.04)?

> but I can not see any network connection option beyond dial up.  Thoughts,
> reference a manual page I may have missed?

There is a network manager, but it has problems. I had issues with it,
and just decided to cut and paste my interfaces file from my prior
Debian install. If set up correctly, network should be on when you
finish booting. If you can get to a shell from your existing install,
you might be able to inspect and alter the settings of
/etc/network/interfaces (read up on man iinterfaces (section 8 I
believe) as well as your boot messages in /var/log (dmesg) which may
shed some light on what is happening behind the scenes.

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