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Tue Oct 14 01:13:33 UTC 2008

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Karl Larsen wrote:
> Slim Joe wrote:
>> 2008/10/13, Arthur H. Johnson II <arthur.johnson at>:
>>> On Mon, 13 Oct 2008, Slim Joe wrote:
>>>> I plan to beat the stampede. Is there a way to
>>>> download the packages necessary to upgrade U8.04
>>>> -- without performing the upgrade itself?
>>>> Sort of like upgrade-manager -d --downloadonly?
>>>> Basically I plan to store (probably using aptoncd)
>>>> packages unlikely to upgraded between now and Oct.
>>>> 30 (e.g. packages automatically merged from
>>>> Debian). Then I'll just torrent the release CD.
>>> If you change the apt sources to intrepid, you can run:
>>> apt-get -d -y dist-upgrade
>>> That will cache the packages in your apt sources.
>> I found a dumber solution (than editing the apt sources):
>> (1) run "sudo update-manager -d"
>> (2) choose the distribution upgrade option
>> (3) let Ubuntu download the update tool
>> (4) run the update tool until the first packages
>> are downloaded
>> (5) without aborting the upgrade* (yet), run synaptic as a regular user
>> (6) click on the icon "Mark All Upgrades"
>> (7) choose menu "File / Generate package download script"
>> (8) abort the upgrade
>> You are now ready to run as a regular user the
>> that consists of a series
>> of "wget package.deb" lines.
>> The downloaded packages can then be copied over
>> to /var/cache/apt/archives using either (a) synaptic
>> or (b) a simple "cp" command.
>> Caveat:
>> [*] No changes will be made to the system until
>> all packages are downloaded so it should be safe
>> to run and abort the update until then. Unless
>> you're downloading just a few MB's or KB's of
>> files, you should have at least a few minutes to
>> abort before the upgrade reaches the point of
>> no return.
>     If you want to beat the rush, find out when it is first available, 
> and then add 30 days. That is the date to d/l your copy.
> Karl
yeah good idea, but theres not even any need to "beat the rush"  with
the amount of download mirrors.  ive never had a problem getting a new
distro, some colleges I get speeds in the vicinity of 7-800Kbs on or
around release days.  (usa) georgia tech I usually use.

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