firefox language pack - SOLUTION

Xurxo Fernandez xurxo13 at
Mon Oct 13 15:36:11 UTC 2008

2008-10-12 (日) の 18:29 +0200 に Sam Przyswa さんは書きました:
> Xurxo Fernandez a écrit :
> > Yesterday I noticed that the language pack installed in firefox doesn't
> > work anymore (firefox 3.0.3). In add-ons it says the language pack is
> > not compatible (japanese language pack). I read somewhere people
> > complaining about french pack too.
> >   
> It's the same in french !
> Sam.
I found a solution. I'm gonna wait a few days and see if the ubuntu team
can fix it, otherwise I will try this:

[Bug 281571] Re: Spanish translation packs are not compatible with
Firefox 3.0.3

I upgraded from 3.0.1 to 3.0.3 and the former (3.0.1) Firefox (it) were
recognized as "not compatible" and disabled by Firefox itself.
You can fix the interface language problem by downloading and installing
the "correct" (3.0.3 compatibile) XPI language file directly from
Firefox website (I did so and got again "full Italian interface" in my
Firefox..the XPI files are "universal" and are suitable for any version
of Firefox...Winzozz, Linux, MacOs, etc etc), but THE REAL "PROBLEM" is
that the DISABLED (old) language packs (3.0.1) are always displayed in
"gray" (see the attached screenshot)  and you'll be UNABLE TO REMOVE

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