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Ken McLennan kenrmcl at aapt.net.au
Mon Oct 13 12:21:15 UTC 2008

G'day there One & All,

>>> Slackware/Solaris have 1/50th the updates that debian and its
>>> deritives do
>> It's time you presented some facts instead of wild claims out of thin
>> air. I at least spent a few minutes and tried in my other reply.
> I refuse to spend more then a few seconds on trolls like you, if you dont 
> want to take my word for it, thats your problem, not mine kiddo.
> you can do hte research, i aint here to do your homework for you, but i am 
> off to the nightclub now, because i have full faith in my setup and my 
> staff, so troll away loser boi.

    If you use Slackware & Solaris, and obviously dislike other distros, 
then why are you here on the Ubuntu list? Further, why accuse others of 
trolling when they simply ask you to justify your statements? Seems to 
me the trolling is coming from your direction.

See ya
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