changing locale from command line

H.S. hs.samix at
Mon Oct 13 05:37:38 UTC 2008

> H.S. wrote:
>> Hello,
>> How can one change the default locale for all users from command line in
>> Ubuntu Gutsy?
>> I tried the following, but it just regenerates all the installed locales
>> and doesn't let me fix one as default.
>> ~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
> Hi,
> Try dpkg-reconfigure console-setup.

Well, it turns out that when I opened the Languages menu item from
Administration, it reported that my languages support was not completely
setup and that I should let it install some additional packages. It
installed some language packs and after that I relogged in and noticed
that I was now getting the utf8 locale I wanted.

So, all is well. It appears I was just lacking some packages. Though I
wished aptitude would also have installed the relevant packages when I
installed different language support packages earlier.



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