GUI for DVD backup?

Florian Diesch diesch at
Mon Oct 13 02:50:33 UTC 2008

"Francisco Borges" <francisco.borges at> wrote:

> I live in a different hemisphere from my parents. My parents use a
> computer with Ubuntu (gutsy).
> Normally everything goes fine. Now they paid someone to put old family
> videos into DVDs, and they wanted to make copies of these to
> distribute among the family.
> Brasero fails to copy these. It thinks this (5Mb) data sector is the
> whole DVD. I logged in trough VNC, and indeed through Brasero there
> wasn't any *obvious* way to copy it. So I logged in though ssh, and
> made a copy of it though dd. In any case, next time they try to copy a
> DVD like that, I would like to have a better solution in place.
> Is there any other *dead*simple* GUI tool to make ISO copies of DVDs
> that is more bullet proof than Brasero? Anyone would know if K3B has a
> better track record? (i normally just use dd....)

For video DVDs k9copy is quite nice. It works with commercial
(CSS encrypted) DVDs, too.

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