time zone install ssetting

Bo Grimes boslists at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 20:50:48 UTC 2008

On Sun, 12 Oct 2008, Nik N wrote:

> On 10/12/08, Bo Grimes <boslists at gmail.com> wrote:
>> man hwclock
>> Specifically look at the --set option
> That is not the solution to our problem. Hardware clock *is*
> running on UTC, the problem is how to tell Ubuntu that
> it should use UTC+0 timezone. I've noticed that some
> distributions have, in addition to "geographical" time zones,
> also "zones" which are specified as UTC +/- (x). There seems
> to be no way to specify that in Ubuntu, either at the installation
> time, or later.  cf.:

Just took a closer look at the --hctosys option which sets the System Time 
from the Hardware Clock, and I don't see why it woundn't work.  Did you 
just assume from the name that I it would only adjust the hardware clock 
without actually reading the man page?

It will also: " set the kernel's timezone value to the local timezone as 
indicated by the TZ environment variable and/or /usr/share/zoneinfo, as 
tzset(3) would interpret them. The obsolete tz_dsttime field of the 
kernel's timezone value is set to DST_NONE. This is a good option to use 
in one of the system startup scripts."

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