how to dwindle down the number of kernels in menu.lst to two

Lorenzo Taylor daxlinux at
Sun Oct 12 00:57:17 UTC 2008

The following command can also work to get rid of all but the last 2 kernels on 
your system. I have found it works quite well for me.

sudo aptitude purge "~nlinux-image-2.6" "~nlinux-restricted-modules-2.6" 
linux-image-<previous_version>+ linux-restricted-modules-<previous_version>+ 
linux-image-<current_version>+ linux-restricted-modules-<current_version>+

Be sure to remember the plus signs at the end of the previous and current 
version packages, as otherwise, they will be removed along with the old kernels. 
This is of course simpler if you only want to keep the currently running kernel, 
as you only need to specify that you want to keep 1 linux-image package and 1 
linux-restricted-modules package based on uname -r.

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--Lorenzo Taylor

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