Preseeding dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay at
Sat Oct 11 19:02:49 UTC 2008


I am striving to have a totally hands-off installation using preseeding.
I have considered other alternatives like DRBL/Clonezilla, FAI, and
kickstart and have rejected them because preseeding seems to be the
preferred Debian/Ubuntu way of integrating with the Debian Installer (d-i).

If I specify en_US as the locale, the installation will work fine.
However, if I specify en_CA, the first time I attempt to log into the
console, the keyboard mapping will be incorrect and I'll see multiple
diamonds for every keystroke. Typing blindly does not work. To work
around this, I log in remotely via ssh and then run "dpkg-reconfigure
console-setup" to set up the console and then I can log in via a local
console. This is not a desirable situation given the requirement to do
hands-off installations.

I have tried the following in my preseed file but it has not made any
difference. I extracted the values below using debconf-get-selections on
a system that I had installed manually. Any ideas on how I can do away
with the need to reconfigure the console manually after a preseed

d-i console-setup/ask_detect boolean false
d-i console-setup/layoutcode string us
d-i console-setup/variantcode string
d-i console-setup console-setup/variant select USA
d-i console-setup console-setup/charmap select UTF-8
d-i console-setup console-setup/toggle select No toggling
d-i console-setup console-setup/compose select No compose key
d-i console-setup console-setup/fontsize-text select  16
d-i console-setup console-setup/optionscode string
d-i console-terminus console-terminus/new_file_names note
d-i console-setup console-setup/layout select  USA
d-i console-setup console-setup/detect detect-keyboard
d-i console-setup console-setup/detected note
d-i console-setup console-setup/codesetcode string Lat15
d-i console-setup console-setup/dont_ask_layout error
d-i console-setup console-setup/modelcode string pc105
d-i console-setup console-setup/ask_detect boolean true
d-i console-setup console-setup/altgr select No AltGr key
d-i console-setup console-setup/ttys string /dev/tty[1-6]
d-i console-setup console-setup/model select Generic 105-key (Intl) PC
d-i console-setup console-setup/fontsize-fb select 16
d-i console-setup console-setup/switch select No temporary switch
d-i console-setup console-setup/codeset select # Latin1 and Latin5 -
western Europe and Turkic languages
d-i console-setup console-setup/toggle select  No toggling
d-i console-setup console-setup/fontface select VGA
d-i console-setup console-setup/fontsize string 16

Clifford Ilkay
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