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Ken McLennan kenrmcl at
Sat Oct 11 07:01:49 UTC 2008

G'da there Dawid,

> I would just like to enquire if I am correct, seeing that the download 
> is an msi, if I assume then that I would have to install Ubuntu from 
> within an existing Win O/S and consequently it would not be of a 
> bootable nature?
    I think it depends which version you download. "Wubi", which I've 
never used, is a windows version that installs into a windows 
filesystem. I believe that it's bootable.

    I'm using Xubuntu at present (Ubuntu with XFCE desktop), as with the 
standard Ubuntu it can be installed to its own filesystem and booted. I 
don't have windows on this system except as a virtual box which I run as 
an application within Ubuntu. However if you don't need/want windows you 
can get rid of it completely.

    What's the url for your download?

See ya
Ken McLennan
Qld, Australia
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