Ken McLennan kenrmcl at aapt.net.au
Fri Oct 10 06:22:27 UTC 2008

G'day there Thufir,

> I just installed gkrellm and it's nice.  However, I could only invoke it 
> from the command line, where is it in the GNOME menu?
> Can I embed it into a GNOME panel as I do with System Monitor
    Dunno about embedding it. Somehow I doubt is since it's designed as 
a standalone display.

    I have mine running all the time. You simply start it up, put it 
where you want it on the desktop and then it will be there every time 
you startup. At least, it does if you're using session management.

    You should also right click on the title and configure it. Themes 
are available from www.muhri.net.

See ya
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