Booting problem

Mark Haney mhaney at
Wed Oct 8 12:07:01 UTC 2008

Keith Powell wrote:

>> Make sense?
> Thank you, Mark, for the explanation.
> Yes, it does make sense. I had got the wrong idea, so you have cleared 
> things up.
> I'll leave the booting as it is.
> Cheers
> Keith

I'm glad that cleared it up.  I wasn't sure I made sense after reading a 
half hour later.  That is one of the common misconceptions, mainly due 
to the naming convention.  It's odd to wrap your mind around a 'Slave' 
drive being a 'Boot drive' or having a 'Master Boot Record'.  I rather 
doubt we'd have had this problem 10 years ago when IDE drives were 
pretty much the standard.

Now, with SATA, that's not really an issue any longer.

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