Ubuntu 8.10 beta on Asus P5Q-VM board (G45 graphics) partial success, but some questions

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Wed Oct 8 09:30:12 UTC 2008

Well I now have Ubuntu 8.10 beta stable on my new Asus P5Q-VM
motherboard with the Intel G45 graphics.  The way to prevent X
crashing the video was to add:-

    Option "NoAccel"

to the Device section of xorg.conf.  Since I'm not trying to do any
whizzy graphics turning acceleration off doesn't worry me at the
moment and no doubt the fixes will come along in due course.

However I'm still stuck with a maximum resolution of 1152x864 and I
want to go up to my 'normal' resolution of 1600x1200.

How does X determine what resolutions to show in the Gnome Screen
Resolution applet?  Presumably it does some sort of display detection.

Currently I have my monitor plugged into the VGA (D-Sub) connector as
I have my old desktop system on the DVI-D input of my monitor
(that's where I'm typing this).  When I tried swapping over to using
the DVI-D output of the G45 graphics on my new motherboard it failed
to start X at all and switching to a console (CTRL-ALT-<number>) gave
me a "mode not supported" on my monitor.  So it looks as if the
display detection in the Intel/G45 drivers is a bit wonky!

Is there any way to manually get at the results of the display
detection - and then put them into the xorg.conf file?  I could then
use the detection on my old system to get the right values and put
them into the new system.

Chris Green

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