Thin Clients

NoOp glgxg at
Wed Oct 8 00:00:17 UTC 2008

On 10/07/2008 09:15 AM, Wade Smart wrote:
> 20081007 1112 GMT-6
> A school system local to me asked about the possibility of moving to 
> linux. Of course I talked that up right away. But then this older bloke 
> asked about setting up Thin Clients at each school and linking the 
> server from each school to the main server. I thought about it (on the 
> spot of course) and while it sounds good in theory, I personally dont 
> know if that would work OR if the overall benefits pan out.
> Im all for moving the schools to Ubuntu. The cost per seat alone is 
> almost worth it. But the thin client issue is a little hill I need some 
> help with.
> Someone with experience with this want to drop some input?
> Wade

Contain excellent information on implementing via Ubuntu.

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