Any way to open a dwg (Auto Cad ) file

Karl Larsen k5di at
Tue Oct 7 12:30:12 UTC 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>     Please give up trying to read an Auto Cad file with something other
>> than Auto Cad. My son is a Civil Engineer and owns his company. He has
>> to pay $4,000.00 for each version of Auto Cad he uses. This software
>> runs ONLY on Windows. When running it takes about 95% of the CPU time
>> on a pentium.
> Sorry, I don't understand your logic. You just provided 3 reasons why it 
> _is_ useful to try to read DWG files with something other than AutoCAD.
> - $4000 is not exactly cheap.
> - It only runs on Windows.
> - It takes 95% CPU.
> Nils
    Nils, what I didn't say but should is Auto Cad keeps a Engineering 
Company from needing a bunch of tables with a person at each drawing 
plans for projects. This was standard 20 years ago. Now you never see it 
because it is way more expensive than Auto Cad. Also Auto Cad is taught 
in colleges in the CE department.

    So Auto Cad has made a big change in CE and it was put on Windows 
because Windows was that was there at the time. They might want to put 
it on Ubuntu but it will still cost $4,000.00 because it does the same 
thing. It replaces a room full of people. And now Thank God! all 
engineers no longer need to take Drafting Classes :-)



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