DHCP based pwd required internet!!

Nay Myo Win rim.riaz at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 08:01:45 UTC 2008

my ISP is giving internet Access with DHCP based IP.

so , to get internet i have to wait till i get their Assigned IP.

and then i have to open log in page, and type in user name and password to
use internet.

if i don't get their assigned IP or If i can't sign in successfully coz of
their bad connection, i can't totally use internet.

so ,  for the time being, I m providing internet access with Proxy server
(Microsoft ISA server) to all my XP clients.
even with ISA server, i have to manually log in every time in the morning or
every time i lost my DHCP ip and get again, sign in to enter credentials ISP

So , for the time being, I m very enthusiastic to use Ubuntu. and
I would like to switch to Hardy Heron, and replace my ISA.

Can Ubuntu reduce my daily doggone manual steps??
I would also like to set download limit of users by means of IP address. all
my clients are XP and they have manaully configured IP addresses.


Nay Myo
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