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Gilles Gravier gilles at
Mon Oct 6 20:52:34 UTC 2008


Karl Larsen wrote:
> Kjetil Halvorsen wrote:
>> Hola!
>> I recently installed ubuntu (8.04) on a brand new excellent laptop.
>> But the screen is only recognised in low resolution, 800x600, which is way
>> to
>> bad. From menu Preferences > Screen resolution it is NOT offered any higher
>> resolution, such
>> as 1024x768, which I am sure is possible. What to do? I'm sure it should be
>> easy!
>> Kjetil
>     I expect you have a nVidia video device. You can tell this by 
> writing in a terminal $ lspci | video and if you do have nVidia you need 
> to get the better driver software either from Ubuntu or the nVidia web page.

If you have an nvidia, just enabling the visual effects will trigger the
download, install and activation of the proprietary (i.e. high
performance, fancy admin interface) nvidia driver. Then you can launch
the Nvidia Settings from the Applications System tab (or something
close, depending on your GNOME configuration).

That lets you configure everything on an nvidia graphics board.


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