What happened to firefox

Nagy Péter antronin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 20:34:56 UTC 2008

Hi Alain,

Same happened with me. I'm using Ubuntuzilla to get update notification
of Firefox independently form the package repositories, and Ubuntuzilla
recommends starting Firefox in root mode, to get the Update function
reachable. (sudo firefox &)
When I updated my Firefox this way and opened it as a normal user it
started this annoying thing walking trough all my installed extension
EULA etc. and it kept doing it no matter how much time I completed the
Another symptom was that all the navigation buttons (back, home etc.)
was dimmed and non operational in the Firefox window.

I realized that FF is unable to save the changes I made, so I went to my
home folder and as root set the .mozilla folder ownership back to my
user recursively. That did the magic, now Firefox is working correctly.
(cd ~/.mozilla; sudo chown -R username:username *)

I hope this is what you need.

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