Kubuntu intrepid network issue

Jim Rosser jarosser06 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 20:01:53 UTC 2008

Has anyone using the latest kubuntu intrepid had any issues with the
wireless network staying connected.  Its on multiple wireless routers, the
knetworkmanager connects fine but about 10 - 15 mins into using it just
basic internet browsing on both firefox and konqueror my connection gets
severed.  The knetworkmanager claims it is still connected but my web pages
wont load and if i try to ping the router it tells me its no longer
connected.  If i disable the wireless connection and then enable it and
reconnect it works fine for again about another 10 - 15 min, i havent had
any problems on my vista partition and while its not a show stopper it is
kind of an annoyance.  My wireless card is a realtek RTL878B although i
don't know that that matters and the two wireless routers i have used are a
netgear and a 2wire.

Jim Rosser
The amazing Jimborine
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